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Trip to Santorini Itinerary

Views Of The Caldera And Volcano

Santorini’s caldera and volcano are what makes the island so spectacular, and a good chunk of your one visit should be spent experiencing them in one way or another. The main towns of Santorini (from south to north: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia) are spread along the cliff overlooking the caldera. It would be easy (and fun) to spend an entire day somewhere along the rim of the caldera. You could do the complete walk from Fira to Oia. Or do just part of the walk. If staying in Fira, you can walk to Imerovigli, have lunch, and return to Fira for shopping, dinner, and an evening of nightlife. If staying in Oia, you can walk to Imerovigli for lunch, then bus or taxi back to Oia for dinner and sunset. There are a hundred variations on this and more than enough awesome viewpoints, enchanting little lanes, and spellbinding stairwells to easily fill a day.

Exploring the Caldera Via Boat

Exploring the caldera via boat is an absolute must-do during your 3 days in Santorini–but deciding exactly what kind of boat trip you want to head out on will depend on what kind of travel you have in mind for your Santorini itinerary. Are you a luxury seeker interested in stunning views and dinner on the water, or an adventure seeker looking for hot springs and a short hike?

Perhaps you’re even interested in both–if so, there’s nothing stopping you from taking an active tour during the day and then a romantic sunset cruise at night!

Here are a couple of popular boating options in Santorini–we personally chose the format of the first trip and had an incredibly memorable time.

Did you know?

that you can hike to the volcano crater that once erupted to create Santorini as we know it today? Or that you can swim in volcanic hot springs right next door?

Well, you can–and it’s even better than it sounds! Visiting Nea Kameni was one of our personal highlights from our trip, and we highly recommend adding it to your 3 day Santorini itinerary.

Santorini Wine Tour

Did you know that Santorini is regarded as the cradle of some of the best wines in Greece? One cannot simply go to Greece without trying one of its main treasures – wine. Santorini has been producing extra quality wine for centuries now and the secret is in the soil. So, wine lovers participate in the Wine Tasting and Winery Tour in Santorini to understand why its unique climate helps create incomparable wines! 

Find the wine you prefer the most thoroughly tasting different wine types and enjoying breathtaking views. Do not miss an opportunity to taste the most famous Santorini wine – Assyrtiko. What we can reveal now is that out of a catastrophe came life.  The devastation that occurred after a horrific volcanic eruption in 1630 BC destroyed the entire island of Santorini – except the Assyrtiko wine. This volcanic soil is the reason why locals swear in the island’s unique land but are extremely rich in minerals. Are you ready to become a wine sommelier? Remember that a good day starts with coffee, and ends with wine.

Visit Oia, Santorini 

Continuing our 3-day itinerary in Santorini is a visit to the picturesque village of Oia. When we think of Santorini the first picture is white-washed houses with light blue roofs, right? 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Oia. Exploring the alleys of Oia is a priority among all the things to do in Santorini in 3 days. The striking village is home to countless luxurious hospitality settlements and spell-binding views that are going to blow your mind away. 

Take your time to investigate every corner of this magical place because each street has a story for herself. This charming and bustling village is full of surprises including various galleries, ruins that tell a story and old churches with blue roofs that are synonymous with Santorini. Don’t be surprised by friendly locals that are smiling and greeting tourists – feel free to wave back. 

Regardless of it being the main tourist attraction, Oia is still calmer than Fira. It is not arguable that Oia is the most instagrammable destination in Greece and maybe in Europe. So take out your phones and cameras and make your followers go crazy. 

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