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A Photographer Journey To Sri-Lanka. By Jun

A little taste of how it’s like living in a community of strangers. These film pictures were taken when I was in Weligama, Sri Lanka, a 5-hour public bus ride from the main city of Colombo. Photography is more than a hobby. It’s a way of capturing memories that your brain might soon forget because of age. It takes you back to the times where you felt the happiest or the saddest. It’s capturing the journey in which you have traveled. A snapshot of a good memory can help you feel that life is not at all that complicated when you look back on it. When you take a picture and look back on it, you’re looking at how far you’ve come – how different life is, and how you’ve changed as a person.

Sri Lanka’s historic sites are undeniably expensive, particularly for foreign tourists. Seeing all the sites of Sri Lanka will greatly eat into your travel budget. And here I am trying to look cute like kitty.


Thaipusam or ThaiPoosmis a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community. It falls in Tamil Solar month Thai which is Solar month Makara in other Hindu calendars.

Kelburne is a simply sublime spot to relax for a few days, with homely accommodation in immaculately renovated former tea-planters’ bungalows and dapper white-suited staff attending to your needs. What really makes the property stand out, though, are the beautiful flower gardens, the surrounding tea estates and stupendous views.


There are so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

Endless white-sand beaches with pumping surf. Lush tropical jungle and misty mountain towns.Ancient World Heritage sites and safari plains where Asian Elephants and Leopards roam in abundance. Enchanting train rides through rolling tea plantations and vibrant cultural heritage. The friendliest locals you could ever hope to meet plus delicious food and fruits everywhere you look.And what’s more, traveling in Sri Lanka is a relatively easy experience.English is widely spoken, the country is safe the locals are friendly, the prices cheap, the scenery astounding and the infrastructure improving. Then there’s the food – always plentiful, always delicious.There’s a reason Sri Lanka has boomed onto the travel scene over the last couple of years, so to help you travel better in Sri Lanka, we’ve put together this Sri Lanka travel guide.




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